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Contemplate | Culture Services

Lectures and Trainings

CC shares our experience and knowledge in Architectural Conservation, Conservation Management Plans, Cultural Tourism and Community Sustainable Development, to our clients in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops supported with wide-range local and worldwide case studies. In addition, in relation to the Overseas Study Tours, we also provided pre-trip lecture in order to delivery the neccessary knowledge to our guests to ensure that they can get the most meaningful experience possible.

Cultural Advisories

CC provides advisories services with our cross-field experts on areas including Tangible and Intangible Heritage Conservation, Cultural Events, Community Development works, and Cultural Tourism and any related planning, research, assessment, analysis and implementation solutions. Our clients included local and overseas communities, academic, public and private organisations, heritage community and social enterprises.

Community Works

CC is committed to serves local and overseas communities in their cultural conservation needs. We work with communities in situ in mid-to-long terms basis in order to facilitating their community events / activities needs as well as assisting them to handle tangible and intangible heritage conservation issues with short and long term proposals. We aim to assist and facilitate communities to develop on their own-initiative to decide on their own direction and solutions for sustainable development. In some cases, volunteers such as universities students are also our valuable resources assisting the communities to implement all kinds of the developments.

Docent Tour

At CC, we also designs local walking docent tours. A docent tour is a great way to learn how a particular neighbourhood develop and how their unique culture or customs came into being. Our docent will act as a guide to let participants to view the place in the eyes of a local, so they can truly learn the Sense of Place. Our tours lasts 2 to 3 hours each, we focus on one to two historical neighbourhood(s) providing a holistic look of its history, architectural, conservation, local cultures, community interests as we walk along. Upon advance request, we also offer tailor-made walking tours catering to our guests' special interests. For participants looking to experience authentic local food and beverage delicacies, our company can also make arrangements as an extension to the docent tours. Currently, our company only offers advanced scheduled group tours to academic, corporate or society organisations. We do not offer regularly held tours for individual guest to sign up independently. Please contact us for details. 

Overseas Study Tour

CC provides tailor-made overseas academically-focused study tours covering a wide range of topics including Architecture, Heritage, Conservation, Community Development, Food and Drinks Culture and Cultural Tourism, etc.  Pass tours lasts from 1 full day to a week. While based in Hong Kong, our connections at Japan, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Macau, Malaysia and other countries in Asia etc. allows us to provide native cultural expertise and persective to the experience. We specialised in providing access to culturally significant locations that are generally not offered in conventional travel tours, such as private tour of historical buildings and temple that are undergoing conservation works.

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