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Contemplate | Culture background

Contemplate Culture Community (CCC) is a Hong Kong-based cultural organisation to promote culture and heritage awareness established in 2013, and has been evolved into a registered charitable organization in 2021. As a young cultural entrepreneur led by a group of cultural heritage professionals, Contemplate Culture aims to provide services and opportunities to educate and cultivate the local community, in particular, the young generations to encourage community-led conservation and initiate bottom-up sustainable development solutions to safeguard our culture in future.


We have rich and diverse experience in the planning and delivery of an array of heritage programme to client's aspiration. Our previous experiences include education and trainings courses, speakers for seminars on heritage management and architecture conservation, researches, built heritage consultancy and cultural tourism management etc. We also customise and coordiante guided cultural tours for corporate clients and academic-oriented tours for local and overseas learners  to explore heritage issues in Asia Pacific region. In recent years, we are also offering training, consultancy and copywritting services for international awards in the heritage field in Asia. 

With expanding opportunities in the field, our services have been developed to cover the following aspects:


Education and training

Heritage Project Consultancy and Implementation

Built Heritage Consultancy

Heritage Interpretation and copywriting

Cultural Advisories

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